• A New Brand Identity and Our First Global Brand Campaign

    A New Brand Identity and Our First Global Brand Campaign

    A lot has changed since PayPal launched in 1999. Today, we are revealing our updated brand, which reflects the rapid adoption of mobile and the new ways in which people can now use PayPal.

    Our previous logo was designed for the online world, and established a reputation for fast, safe and simple payments online. But today, PayPal is a global leader in mobile payments too, with customers increasingly shopping on their tablets and phones. Millions of customers are also using the PayPal App which allows them to shop in-store with their mobile as well as send money to friends and family with just their mobile number.

    With more than 58 new product experiences introduced in the last year alone, PayPal continues to innovate and focus on improving our customers’ experience. As a number of these new products are rolled out globally this year - for example, a new streamlined checkout experience, Order Ahead and Pay at Table app functionality and a new way to redeem offers - it makes sense to refresh our brand at the same time, with the goal of exemplifying simplicity, convenience and security in this new omni-channel world. 

    The new identity was developed by fuseproject and consists of 4 key elements - a stronger wordmark (i.e. our logo) and typeface, a new monogram of PayPal’s double P’s, more vibrant colours and a dynamic angle graphic. The wordmark and the monogram together lock up for PayPal’s new signature. Our hope is that the new identity looks familiar yet new and that it will reinforce the themes of trust, innovation and simplicity for which PayPal is known. The design brings together PayPal’s online and mobile imagery in a single brand identity that is more flexible for devices from smaller wearable screens and mobile devices all the way up to 72” flat screen TVs.

    The new identity, launched today, will be incorporated into our first Global Advertising campaign that launches in the UK on the 2nd May. Over time, the new identity will be applied globally to all of PayPal’s core applications, including checkout buttons, apps, PayPal Here devices, and sales and marketing materials.

    The advertising campaign is part of a continued journey to bring to life the everyday simplicity, convenience and safety benefits of using PayPal, and our role in powering what we call the People Powered Economy. Whether you are a consumer wanting to buy a gift on the go, someone with a great idea looking to start up your own business, or a developer building a new app, PayPal is focused on using technology to make that experience simpler and more convenient. And with more than 148 million active accounts worldwide using PayPal each year – that’s a lot of people we’re powering.

    The creative look and feel was developed by Havas Worldwide and combines a hand-drawn illustrative style with real people just like you and me: busy in their lives and looking for ways to take advantage of technology to make it simpler.

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